To become a professional pizza chef

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In the profession of Pizza Chef it is important to have a lot of passion, but it is also necessary to be qualified and fully understand the dough, its handling and topping techniques. In addition to the dough, it is very important to know well the difference between the various types of flour, their properties, how to use them, which to choose. Attention to details is essential for obtaining a good Pizza! The courses for pizza chefs are used to help understand how to make a classic pizza, but also to create new recipes using what has been learned during the courses.

Technique, preparation and dough kneading are the fundamental bases for your professionalism, for the rest your passion and creativity will be enough.

If you are looking for a way to get closer to this profession, you can register for the BASIC, ADVANCED, GLUTEN FREE FLOUR and ALTERNATIVE FLOUR courses.

Having the title of Instructor, at the end of each course we will issue the official certificate of the APP – Professional Pizza Chefs Association. Useful for your professional career!